So that was it. Linda didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Being with a man who is not able to be there for her emotionally started to make her tired. She gave him a lot of time to open up. She was not rushing anything, she simply thought that Ben will start planning future for them or at least surprise her. Surprise her with anything. At the beginning of their love she gave him one of her diamond earrings so they would always match in the crowd, be complete like an equation. Was it giving her sense of security? Hell yes! It was like saying even we cannot see each other every minute of the day, I know you know I am with you and you even won’t think about other women or that earring will burn a hole in your ear if you do.  But it didn’ t and she would never know if he looked at other women while wearing her earring. Simple like that. She really liked the guy, tall, strong soft-spoken. He seemed like a family man with whom she could plan her future. She tried that with other guys but they all came and left. They all wanted a place to crash, wake up with women in bed and just take off without explanation. So she got a dog instead and after that a friend introduced her to Ben. At first she didn’t even want to listen to it, she already had somebody at home who would never cheat, lie or left without saying goodbye. She had Sparky, a small, fluffy Yorke who was never tired of her and always made her smile no mater what crappy day she had.